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Stellini Coffee

We sell hand-roasted coffee in many varieties - From mocha beans, espresso to blends that just taste more.

Each type of bean has its own surface, hardness and size, which is why all roasting processes are adapted to the current type. Stellini's coffee roaster manually monitor each and every roast, which takes place in a rotating Probat double drum, and ensure precise control of the gas roaster's temperature and time. This achieves the optimum depth in the characteristics of the individual coffee types and creates exactly the roasting profile that best suits the individual bean type.

Company coffee & cocoa

If the company coffee just tastes better, Kaffeblomsten by Helena is happy to help fulfill this wish. We are happy to ensure that there is good tasting coffee or cocoa

Note Stock!

Due to continuous shopping from the exhibition, it is impossible to keep the stock status up to date on the webshop - therefore feel free to call for the current status, also in relation to any order coming in.

Stellini a micro roastery with hand-roasted coffee where the process is controlled and carefully monitored from start to final product, which helps to ensure high quality in each and every bag.