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Morbarn buket i pink og lyse nuancer


€ 46,93

Mother and child bouquet

A new life should be celebrated with a bouquet or two. The bouquet can be low or tall, according to your wishes.

Note illustration are just examples to show approx. size and adjusted according to bouquet wishes.

Get a special bouquet that fits the desired occasion. Simply describe what is to be celebrated and preferably which colors and or flowers are desired.

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The bouquet will consist of fresh, carefully selected flowers - The bouquet can vary from a low to a tall bouquet. You decide the colors and height.

Some bouquets may not seem large, but when the flowers burst out, they will give the intended fullness. In this way, the bouquet will appear unique and beautiful for a long time, which are details that The coffee flower has in mind when tying the bouque.

Note that it cannot be guaranteed that the number of flowers etc. that is illustrated is included in the bouquet as this depends on the price partly of the bouquet and the daily price of flowers, but it will appear as a whole in a likeness.